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Scanning your photos to digital format helps to preserve your memories for generations. Picture this: your old pictures are in danger of fading away, being forgotten, or being lost or damaged in a natural disaster. After we’ve scanned your images, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your photos are safeguarded and saved digitally for a lifetime.

Our Process

  1. Complete the order form to begin your photo scanning order.
  2. We will ship you the appropriately sized box. Load the box with your photos to be scanned, and ship it back to us using the pre-paid return order label included in your box.
    • If you don’t have the exact amount of photos, no worries! If you have less photos than the amount specified for each box, we recommend ordering one box size down. If you send in more items than your box includes we will invoice you for the extra photos once we check your order at our processing facility.
  3. We will scan and digitize your photos, and the final product will be delivered in the requested format (digital download link, thumb drives or DVDs).
  4. Your photos are returned to you in the original photo bag you placed them in, repacked in the photo scanning box and shipped back to you.



Didlake Photo Imaging Scanning Service Features

Didlake Photo Imaging Scans Photos by Hand in the USA.Scanned by Hand

Our products are carefully handled by our trained scanning experts using the latest technology. All of our scanning is done in house within our highly secured facility.

Didlake works together to product high-quality results in any storage option of your choice.Multiple Storage Options

Choose the storage option that works best for you! Opt to download your digital prints with our secure cloud storage, or have a DVD or thumb drive delivered to you.

Didlake Photo Scanning Guarantees Quality Results for Our Customers.Quality Results

We can digitize any size picture. From wallets to 8”x10”s, every scan produces high-quality images in 600 DPI.

When you scan with Didlake Photo Imaging, you make a difference.The Didlake Difference

When you scan with Didlake Photo Imaging, you make a difference. We provide people with disabilities enriching employment opportunities that integrate them into the workforce and our communities.

What Customers Are Saying About Our Photo Scanning Service

Didlake provided incredible support and customer service during a challenging time. I had a few thousand photos from various vintages that needed to be scanned, and Didlake was understanding and patient with me throughout the process. I could not recommend them strongly enough!
Michael Butchko
From beginning to end, we just can’t say enough about how great the service was at Didlake Photo Imaging… from Candie, Steve and crew. We had a terrible fire at our home last year and they worked with us throughout the course of the year helping us scanning and processing thousands of photos which helped us greatly in the healing process. They have the unique talent of being able to provide both a personal and ...
Beth Liggett
Working with Didlake was a seamlessly wonderful experience! They are very responsive and attentive to their customers. They ALWAYS seek clarification for any projects and the end result is PERFECT! I truly enjoyed working with Candie and Steven on our scanning project and will definitely be using them again in the future!
"Didlake is an all around fantastic company. I utilized their image scanning services for a personal project and they could not have been more accommodating and kind to me. From my interactions with the staff at the Manassas location I truly believe that Didlake is a company that cares about their customers, their employees, and their services. I was incredibly pleased with the quality of the photo scans and quick turnaround time. Their pricing for ...
"I recently had many old family photos scanned and digitized. Didlake Photo Imaging did an amazing job. The quality of work and the customer service were top-notch. I highly recommend their services and plan of using them in the future."
Tracy Foster
"Didlake did an amazing job scanning my photos for an amazing value (great price)! I am highly satisfied. I have many more photos to scan and I’ll use Didlake for all of my future photo scanning needs. Well done 5 stars!!!"
Star Hardison
"I recently had some old and delicate family photos scanned. Didlake Photo Imaging went above and beyond my expectations in both quality of work and delivery of the final product. I highly recommend them and plan to use their services again in the near future to scan additional photos."
Veronica Crim
"My scanned photos are lovely! They were reasonably priced and exceeded my expectations in delivery time. Excellent photocopying plus the wide range of other services the company provides, in addition to their commitment to employing persons with disabilities, makes it easy to endorse this outstanding firm."
Sally Prouty
"I was greeted by highly personalized and friendly service for which I am grateful. I was very pleased with the results of their work and will use Didlake Photo Imaging again when I need similar services."
Stephen Robinson
"I had a relatively small digitizing job for Didlake, but they treated me and my order with the same attention to detail and commitment to quality that I'm sure they give to large commercial jobs. Tremendous customer service and great value. Highly recommend this company!"
Ronald Richardson
"I had Didlake Imaging scan 3000 photos for me. Now those memories are preserved forever. Excellent service, excellent price. I highly recommend Didlake Imaging."
Mason Hollcroft


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