Digital Mailroom Service
With an increasing number of companies implementing telework, business owners and office managers are having to rethink daily business practices, including managing mail. Implementing a digital mailroom at your office can solve the issue of having minimal or no access to your office or mail. A digital mailroom can be the solution to maintaining business continuity.

Using Didlake Document Imaging digital mail and cloud service solutions will help provide access to all of your critical mail quickly and securely. We combine 20 years of mailroom management and 25 years of scanning services for the federal government in our digital mailroom services delivery. A digital mailroom will provide your organization with safe, secure access to your mail and provide remote access to employees.

Benefits of a Digital Mailroom:

  • Enhanced Security
  • Faster Processing
  • Increased Privacy
  • Provides instant access
  • Reduces Staff
  • Safety – No contact with the mail
  • Save space
  • Saves time
  • Work from home collaboratively

Ensuring your essential documents are routed to the correct people or departments:

The digital mailroom process is straightforward and stress-free:

  1. Forward your mail to our secure facility
  2. Assign secure and limited role access to key employees
  3. Document Preparation – We receive and prepare your mail
  4. Scan your mail to our secure cloud server (Microsoft Azure)
  5. Quality Assurance Check
  6. Move the mail to an individual assigned document tray (In-Box)
  7. The customer accesses the cloud to retrieve their mail
  8. Business as usual without the stress

By outsourcing your digital mailroom to Didlake Document Imaging, you will be saving yourself time and frustration. A digital mailroom enables you to process your essential documents quickly, safely, and securely, to keep your business moving forward. Now is the time to digitize your mailroom!

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