Document Scanning for Government Agencies

Large binders of paper storing government agency documents and information.

A Central Repository For Secure Document Access

Government agencies traditionally rely on inefficient and antiquated paper processes. However, there is a document scanning solution that allows for city, state, and federal governments to preserve and maintain sensitive documents without high volume, paper-intensive processes. Outsourcing document scanning of municipal records can improve workflows while meeting legal regulations.

Why Governments Should Scan Their Records

Governments have the largest amount of unscanned and unpreserved paper, microfilm, mail, and records. Managing and processing information unnecessarily spend taxpayer funds on labor-intensive manual paper processes. As government agencies strive to cut spending, they must embrace digital transformation to make information digitally accessible while keeping vital documents and records safe.

Document imaging is the first step in digitizing the government. Once documents are scanned, indexed, and stored in a secure digital repository, processing times improve, critical information is found more easily, and records cannot be physically damaged as they are backed up in digital form.

How Document Scanning & Conversion Helps Governments

Managing large quantities of paper records can be difficult and time-consuming. Didlake Imaging’s document scanning and conversion services help governments archive, maintain and preserve records into digital format. Through the power of Cloud Storage, our document scanning and management solutions can help:

  • Integrate digital files with existing processes and software, such as Document Management Systems (DMS)
  • Provide mobile and remote access to employees, personnel, and decision-makers to improve productivity
  • Restrict and control access to mission-critical and sensitive documents
  • Save time during approval processes

Our solutions are one of the easiest ways for public entities and governmental constituents to create department-wide access to files without the burden of adding infrastructure and additional servers. By creating an easy-to-manage library of secure, electronic documents, government agencies can increase efficiency and transparency.

Benefits of Document Scanning & Management for Governments

Every level of government can benefit from document scanning and management. Here are some of the benefits that can be expected once embarking on the document management journey.

Document Version Control

Governments use approvals on most projects, leading to a lot of paperwork. Our cloud storage option displays the latest version of documents, eliminating the chance of outdated or incorrect versions being passed along for approval. Aside from streamlining the approval process, our service allows for specific permissions to be set on documents to promote cross-department collaboration while maintaining security measures. Shared documents can also be redacted of sensitive information during this process.

Easy Search & Retrieval

Our document scanning service makes it easy to access documents with a simple keyword search. Documents can be searched for names, dates, identification numbers, or other criteria, all within seconds. We format images and use meta-data for seamless integration with document management systems. Employees will be able to access documents remotely without having to use a VPN or private network.

Enhanced Business Continuity

Document imaging enhances business continuity by speeding up processing times for public files and critical information, allowing for better service to constituents and clientele. Digitizing government agency documents ensures physical records cannot be lost or ruined by an unexpected natural disaster or other damage, as they are properly backed up in digital form.

Types of Municipal Documents We Handle

Municipal governments need strict compliance and security measures to ensure electronic and paper files are never compromised. Digitizing and automating paper-based processes can help keep track and manage all forms of government documents including:

At Didlake Imaging, our conversion projects are scalable to fit your individual needs. From microfiche, microfilm, photos, mail and more, we scan what you need to preserve.

Why We’re Trusted for Government Scanning Projects

Didlake, the parent company of Didlake Imaging, has over 20 years of file conversion experience, tracing its roots back to microfilm. With a diverse portfolio of government scanning contracts, we are a trusted source for delivering high-quality scanning services.

Our facilities and staff maintain a strict chain of custody and follow privacy legislation such as the National Archives and Records Administration Code of Federal Regulations and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.