Digital transformation doesn’t have to be complicated or disruptive.

Didlake Imaging transforms your paper documents into digital format with simple and seamless document scanning and management.

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We Scan & Organize Your Documents

The scanning process is the first step in digital transformation. Paper records are scanned and digital documents are collected and centralized in your own document management system or our cloud-based storage solutions.

You Can Then Find Your Documents with Easy Search Capabilities

Didlake Imaging’s scanning services use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to capture text on documents, allowing users to easily search for information using keywords.

Your Team Takes Powerful Information Everywhere

Images scanned by Didlake Imaging are compatible with cloud-based document management systems. Information is accessed from anywhere on any device.

How it Works

Scanning Services

Document Imaging

DDI offers comprehensive service solutions customized to meet your needs.

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Photo Scanning

Allow Didlake to help preserve your memories by digitizing your old photos and albums.

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Microfiche Scanning

Don’t let aging file-formats decay away. Convert microfiche to digital files.

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Archive Preservation

Digital document preservation and archiving preserves history for generations to come.

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Document Management Solutions

Digital Mailroom

Automate information by forwarding mail to our facilities. Keep business moving forward by accessing mail on any device.

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Document Indexing

We index your digital files using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), so you can find files easily via keyword searches.

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Document Redaction

Protect electronic data and keep confidential information private by hiding sensitive data with redaction services.

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Cloud Storage

Access files from anywhere. Manage privacy controls and team access with digital cloud storage.

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Industries We Serve

We build customizable document management solutions for businesses, nonprofits and government agencies.

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Safe & Compliant Document Scanning

Safely convert sensitive paper documents with a partner who understands compliances such as NARA and HIPAA. Our team works with industries of all types to create and maintain proper document retention policies and schedules. Rest easy knowing your documents are safely guarded in our climate-controlled and monitored facilities.

We are a member of the Association for Intelligent Information Management.

We are also a trusted member of the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce.

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Didlake is a member of the Prince William Chamber of Commerce in Virginia.

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