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Digital Document Storage Solutions for DC, Maryland & Virginia Businesses

Didlake Imaging’s cloud-based document management platform keeps digital records protected and masters the access, flow and governance of data.

Combining your document scanning program with a digital storage solution fosters collaboration while maintaining strict compliances and security. Your business documents can be accessed from anywhere, leading to improved internal efficiency and fast digital file retrieval. Privacy controls allow you to decide which documents are kept private and off-limit to employees.

How the Cloud Benefits Businesses

Whether your employees are in the office or working remotely, implementing the right cloud platform empowers your business. Implementing cloud storage is a huge part of the digital transformation journey. Moving to the cloud optimizes your processes, allows you to quickly recover from unexpected disasters and identifies ways to improve workflows.

The cloud is scalable and adaptable, allowing your company to:

  • Access files across multiple devices from any location
  • Set privacy controls for niche departments and decision makers
  • Keep records protected, secure and compliant
  • Eliminate wasted time searching through physical filing systems or desktop files
  • Search and find documents instantly through metadata, keywords and tags
  • View the previous version history of documents from conception to final approval
  • Have faster, cheaper audits
  • Keep documents safe in the event of hardware failures.

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How Cloud Repositories Work

Didlake Imaging’s cloud repository is scalable and adaptable for all businesses and industries. Taking advantage of our infrastructure completely digitizes document sharing, retrieval, tracking and approval. Here’s how the system works:

Security and Integrations

The cloud captures, shares and manages enterprise information to maintain compliances like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our cloud vault operates on a highly secure Microsoft Azure platform. All data written to an Azure storage account is encrypted by the service. Azure Storage provides you with fine-grained control over who has access to your data. Our system easily integrates with popular content and document management systems.

Capture Documents and Data

The Cloud captures and stores documents from almost any source. We can convert paper files to digital, scan re-routed business mail and pull unstructured data from forms to collect in the cloud.

Once documents and data are collected, we bring extra intelligence through the power of optical character recognition to classify and index documents with custom metadata. You can search for documents based on keywords, order numbers, customer IDs and more, for instant retrieval.

You define the rules for how your documents are organized, retained, accessed and routed for consistent application in storage.

Manage People and Processes

When integrated with a document management system, our cloud repository eliminates paper-based workflows, manages the lifecycle and governance of records, and helps automate tasks.

Real-time monitoring, notifications, rule-based indexing, approvals and archiving keep everyone accountable and minimize information bottlenecks.

Sharing and Delivering Information

Whether you’re sharing documents with an auditor, sending invoices to valued customers or managing employee records, our system makes it easy to securely extend documents to people in and outside of your organization. Seamless integration with existing systems gives you instant delivery of the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

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Scan Your Business Records into the Cloud

No matter the volume, we can help transition your business into the digital world. Our cloud document storage and management options can help you improve and better run your business.

Service Solutions

Document Preparation Services
Separate files, remove staples and paper clips, fix tears and dog ears, and secure sticky notes and loose papers.


Document Scanning Services
Physical files are directly scanned to digitally indexed files stored on a secure server.


Optical Character Recognition
Provides you full searching capability of digital documents.


Forms Processing
Turn your information captured on forms into usable data.

Back-File Document Conversion
Scan and index existing documents, microfilm, and microfiche to a searchable digital archive.


Day-Forward Document Scanning
Scan, index, and store new documents as a part of your normal business workflow.


Cloud Storage Solutions
Store files in secure cloud storage. We deliver your scanned documents to you through Microsoft Azure’s secure cloud. Other delivery options include flash drive storage, external hard drives, and optical media (DVDs.)

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