Healthcare & Medical Record Scanning

Healthcare and medical records scanned for better patient processing and service.

Healthcare providers handle a great deal of private paperwork. Hospitals, medical practices, and dental offices all use outsourced medical record scanning to manage their businesses, better serve their patients, and maintain state and federal privacy regulations.

HIPAA-Compliant Medical Records Scanning

Didlake Imaging helps healthcare providers manage paperwork with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant medical records scanning. HIPAA mandates patient information be accessible, yet confidential.

Our document imaging services make accessible documents for staff and patients that are safeguarded from unauthorized users. We use cloud storage, digital mailrooms, and other document management solutions to help medical facilities maintain their patient data and business processes.

Our staff undergoes HIPAA training annually and operates at our secure facilities. You can trust our strict chain of custody to handle all of your practice’s sensitive medical records.

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Benefits of Digitization in the Medical Field

Digital transformation in the medical field brings several key benefits to hospitals and other large-scale healthcare organizations. A few advantages include:

  • Increased access for authorized staff members
  • Efficient transfer of patient records and information across different providers
  • Enhanced operational and administrative transparency
  • Decreased storage costs and space
  • Improved business continuity in case files are destroyed, damaged, or misplaced
  • Easier compliance with HIPAA and other regulatory standards

Medical records in digital format can improve business processes and workflows in the medical industry all while cutting costs for security, storage, and compliance.

Types of Medical Records We Scan

Didlake Imaging has cutting-edge document management tools and the experience to handle scanning different types of medical records. We can also make your digital files searchable and indexable by data points or fields within forms and documents. Some of the records we handle include:

  • Lab records
  • Physical exam records
  • Clinical research data
  • Personal health records
  • Administrative documents
  • Release of information requests
  • Medicare claims and other Medicare/Medicaid data
  • Billing and payments
  • Insurance records
  • Pharmaceutical and medical device instructions and documents

Medical records hold sensitive patient data and are essential to protect. We keep all paperwork safe and secure during the scanning process to minimize errors and the integrity of your documents.

Improve Patient Satisfaction and Processing with Indexing

Health institutions’ access to current and accurate information plays a significant role in the health of their patients. Practices serve hundreds of patients with their own unique medical history. Document indexing helps to speed up the process times of patient data.

Record keeping backlogs and patient transfers are made seamless with properly indexed electronic medical records. Ensure quick, effective care with minimized wait times when digitized healthcare data is logged into one standardized format that’s easily distributed.

Build a Patient-Centered Healthcare Database

Document management and imaging build a patient-centered healthcare database that enables insurance logging, payment information, medical records, and transactions to be accessible at all times.

Didlake Imaging works with you to create an outsourced document scanning program that upholds the integrity of your healthcare office. Request a free sample scan to start building a patient-centered database.