Document imaging, indexing and data capture solutions acquire data from paper documents, forms, business mail, microfilm, photographs, and more, converting them into electronic format.

Why Document Indexing Is Important For Businesses

When you outsource your document indexing to Didlake Imaging, we will help you sort, categorize and store your important records. Capturing and indexing your data enables you to retrieve information from tagged files on demand.

Our scanning and indexing services provide businesses with state-of-the-art data archiving technology. We render exceptional scanned documents in simplex and duplex formats, leveraged with a variety of high-tech scanning devices.

Our indexing service compiles your data in a logical structure so you can easily locate information from anywhere.

Benefits of Indexed Documents

  • Accurate & Easily Accessible Data
  • Scalable With the Growth of Your Business
  • World Class Privacy & Security Technology
  • Cost-effective Data Back-Ups & Duplications
  • Easy integration to Document and Content Management Systems

How Our Data Capture System Works

Didlake Imaging has the capability to index a wide range of images, documents and files. We offer customizable data indexing and capturing services that fit the specific needs of your organization. We can extract essential information such as keywords, document numbers, titles, invoice numbers or any other field that is a pain point for operations.

Step #1: Paper to Digital Conversion

Our data capture system extracts important information through document imaging. We convert paper documents into digital images in various file formats and process them at our secure facility. Once documents are scanned, they can be further processed and stored in an archived digital database.

Step #2: Structuring Unstructured Data During Document Scanning

When we start to process your scanned documents, we capture pertinent metadata. Our data structure helps you improve the speed of your data retrieval process by turning unstructured data into structured data.

We enter and digitize data from unstructured forms, invoices, receipts and other records. Digital files are made searchable through OCR and ICR. Quick location of data keeps your employees from wasting time searching complete databases for one simple file.

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Transforming Paper Documents into Digital Information Assets

Our document scanning and indexing service transforms digital information assets into a trackable and organized database. Our team is compliant with industry security standards to keep your archive secure. When combined with a document management system, you can then cross-reference and map your documents to maintain a compliant document retention policy.

Content is consistently indexed, allowing you to organize documents with a wide range of metadata including:

  • File type
  • Account and policy numbers
  • Record retention periods
  • Dates
  • Names
  • Department
  • Service
  • Products

Features & Benefits

An Eco-Friendly Solution

An Eco-Friendly Solution

Our scanning experts process physical documents to digital formats by manually scanning paper files at our secure in-house facilities located in Manassas, Virginia.

Quick Search & Retrieval

Quick Search & Retrieval

Optical character recognition (OCR) converts the contents of your documents into searchable digital files. Digital access allows for better collaboration amongst colleagues and provides search capabilities within documents by text or index. Your workers can spend more time working and less time searching with increased efficiency and document control.

Private & Secure

Private & Secure

Keeping your information confidential is our top priority. Our staff is dedicated to keeping your data protected. Our team is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) compliant, managing your paper mail in one location to standardize your process and reduce the risk of noncompliance with organizational and federal policies.

The Didlake Difference

The Didlake Difference

When you scan with Didlake Imaging, you make a difference. We provide people with disabilities enriching employment opportunities that integrate them into the workforce and our communities.

Service Solutions

Document Preparation Services
Separate files, remove staples and paper clips, fix tears and dog ears, and secure sticky notes and loose papers.


Document Scanning Services
Physical files are directly scanned to digitally indexed files stored on a secure server.


Optical Character Recognition
Provides you full searching capability of digital documents.


Forms Processing
Turn your information captured on forms into usable data.

Back-File Document Conversion
Scan and index existing documents, microfilm and microfiche to a searchable digital archive.


Day-Forward Document Scanning
Scan, index, and store new documents as a part of your normal business workflow.


Cloud Storage Solutions
Store files in secure cloud storage. We deliver your scanned documents to you through Microsoft Azure’s secure cloud. Other delivery options include flash drive storage, external hard drives, and optical media (DVDs.)

See What Our Clients Have To Say

"Didlake is an all around fantastic company. I utilized their image scanning services for a personal project and they could not have been more accommodating and kind to me. From my interactions with the staff at the Manassas location I truly believe that Didlake is a company that cares about their customers, their employees, and their services. I was incredibly pleased with the quality of the photo scans and quick turnaround time. Their pricing for ...
"Very reliable and responsive. Helped with all my scanning needs. Would 100% work with them again. Great people and great mission!"
Cole BradshawGoodProjects
"Tremendous value for cost and high quality services. Would highly recommend to others."
"Didlake did an excellent job processing my digital records for River Creek OA. They were thorough, professional and an all around a pleasure to work with. Their quote was fair and accurate. They did not bait and switch like the prior company we tried to work with. A class act!"
Brittanie DavisRiver Creek HOA
"Very pleasant and personable. Explained everything to me and had answers to all of my questions. The team was very enjoyable and easy to work with to complete our task."
"The scanned documents were very clear, their service, fast and efficient, very friendly staff. I admire them hiring people with disabilities. If I have another large scanning job, I would have them do the job. I highly recommend them."
"I recently had some old and delicate family photos scanned. Didlake Photo Imaging went above and beyond my expectations in both quality of work and delivery of the final product. I highly recommend them and plan to use their services again in the near future to scan additional photos."
Veronica Crim
"My scanned photos are lovely! They were reasonably priced and exceeded my expectations in delivery time. Excellent photocopying plus the wide range of other services the company provides, in addition to their commitment to employing persons with disabilities, makes it easy to endorse this outstanding firm."
Sally Prouty
"I was greeted by highly personalized and friendly service for which I am grateful. I was very pleased with the results of their work and will use Didlake Photo Imaging again when I need similar services."
Stephen Robinson
"Working with Candie and everyone at Didlake for our large scanning project was a pleasure. They were courteous, professional, and made the process smooth and easy! They offered a more than fair price point for their services and of course, it is always wonderful to know that you are supporting a nonprofit like theirs that employs adults with disabilities. Would 100% work with them again!"
Rachel CarrierThreespot
"I had Didlake Imaging scan 3000 photos for me. Now those memories are preserved forever. Excellent service, excellent price. I highly recommend Didlake Imaging."
Mason Hollcroft
"I had a relatively small digitizing job for Didlake, but they treated me and my order with the same attention to detail and commitment to quality that I'm sure they give to large commercial jobs. Tremendous customer service and great value. Highly recommend this company!"
Ronald Richardson
"Didlake Imaging did a great job with our request! They were timely and responsive. I highly recommend them for service. Thank you!"
Toya PowellFaith in Action
“Scanning several years of membership documents was a daunting task for our Association. We quickly developed a great partnership with Didlake Document Imaging and they relieved us of this strenuous task. Their dedication to the confidentiality and safety of our documents was their number one priority. We appreciated their attention to detail and ease of the process."
"I chose Didlake for many reasons. I was planning to close my office and work from home. I wanted to digitize certain records and have them on my computer due to the lack of file space at my home. The process was easy and successful. I highly recommend them. They also manage mailrooms for offices who are limiting their staff coming into the office. Didlake crew, thanks for the great work."

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