Digitally Transform Your Organization with Document Imaging Services

Ready to gain an edge over your competitors and better prepare your business for the future? Didlake Imaging can help you by digitally transforming your business. Digital transformation streamlines your document management workflow, saving you time and money.

Our digital transformation solutions are scalable and grow with your business. Didlake Imaging is prepared to provide our scanning and digitization services for your journey towards a paperless office. Every solution is customized to your individual needs, resulting in accurately captured and extracted data, automated processes, and securely preserved records that meet your compliance and retention guidelines.

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Digital Transformation Re-Imagined with Document Imaging and Management

The future of the modern workplace is remote, and now is the time to adapt. Having a strong document digitization strategy is more important than ever. Evolving technology and growing customer expectations are influencing companies to embrace digital transformation.

Working with a digital transformation and document imaging partner allows team members to work more efficiently and securely access important documents no matter their location or device.

How A Paperless Office Empowers Your Team

The reality for businesses today is that customers and team members expect instant access and relevant information across platforms and devices. Working with a digital transformation and document imaging partner allows you to deliver an unlimited customer experience. Everyone is connected with quick document access and retrieval across multiple locations and devices.

Benefits of Digital Transformation

Adopting a digital document management system is beneficial even when not working remotely. Digital imaging reduces time spent on routine administrative tasks and reduces the need for on-site document storage. If your employees ever spend valuable time searching through cabinets or piles of documents looking for something, digitizing your documents would allow them to use keywords to search your entire repository. No more wasted time. A paper-light or paperless office creates a workflow designed for productivity.

Our document digitization service empowers your team to access information quickly and transfers vital data to an online platform to keep your paperless office moving efficiently. Here are a few ways we make that happen:

  • Bulk document imaging and scanning to generate digital copies of company files
  • Records management and business continuity consulting help you control your files over their information lifecycle, keeping you compliant with state and federal privacy laws.
  • Document indexing, data capture, and forms processing.
  • Secure Cloud Storage options are easily integrated into the Document Management System of your choice.

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Uphold Security Compliance & Improve Business Processes

Certain security and privacy compliance laws mandate that some paper documents be stored for several years. Industry, state, and federal regulations set time periods for sensitive documents’ maintenance, requiring your company to spend money on proper storage solutions.

The majority of business documents and legacy records can be digitized. A cloud-based document storage solution improves your business processes, helping you to remain competitive and legally compliant while meeting the needs of your customers. Didlake Document Imaging can convert your paper documents into an electronic archive, ensuring everything you need is stored securely while making file retrieval quick and easy.

Maintain Document Retention Compliances

Digital transformation strategies incorporated with a document management solution can support records retention timelines. Your business can automate document retention compliances with notifications for purging records as established by your organization’s records retention schedule.

Ensure Business Continuity with Digital Archiving and Back-Ups

Digital archiving and document digitization is invaluable for your business continuity. Natural disasters and unforeseen circumstances can destroy paper documents that contain critical information. If you did not have a digital backup of these files, this would halt your business’ processes.

It’s not a matter of if you need digital backups, but when. We’re here to help you utilize a digital transformation solution that improves the resiliency of your organization.

How Digital Transformation Works

An information governance program with scanning and secure disposal reduces storage costs and risk of information breaches. Here’s how Didlake Document Imaging’s digital transformation services use digitization to ensure the right people have access to the right information at the right time:

How Didlake Imaging transforms your physical documents into digital files.

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Features & Benefits

An Eco-Friendly Solution

An Eco-Friendly Solution

Our scanning experts process inbound physical mail to digital formats by manually scanning paper mail at our secure in-house facilities located in Manassas, Virginia.

Quick Search & Retrieval

Quick Search & Retrieval

Optical character recognition (OCR) converts the contents of your documents into searchable digital files. Digital access allows for better collaboration amongst colleagues and search capabilities within documents by text or index. Your workers can spend more time working and less time searching with increased efficiency and document control.

Private & Secure

Private & Secure

Keeping your information confidential is our top priority. Our staff is dedicated to keeping your data protected. Our team is HIPAA and NARA compliant, managing your paper mail in one location to standardize your process and reduce the risk of noncompliance with organizational and federal policies.

The Didlake Difference

The Didlake Difference

When you scan with Didlake Imaging, you make a difference. We provide people with disabilities enriching employment opportunities that integrate them into the workforce and our communities.

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Service Solutions

Document Preparation Services
Separate files, remove staples and paper clips, fix tears and dog ears, and secure sticky notes and loose papers.


Document Scanning Services
Physical files are directly scanned to digitally indexed files stored on a secure server.


Optical Character Recognition
Provides you full searching capability of digital documents.


Forms Processing
Turn your information captured on forms into usable data.

Back-File Document Conversion
Scan and index existing documents, microfilm, and microfiche to a searchable digital archive.


Day-Forward Document Scanning
Scan, index, and store new documents as a part of your normal business workflow.


Cloud Storage Solutions
Store files in secure cloud storage. We deliver your scanned documents to you through Microsoft Azure’s secure cloud. Other delivery options include flash drive storage, external hard drives, and optical media (DVDs.)

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Didlake did a great job of scanning our documents and was great to work with. They were very willing to correct any issues I found and quickly turned around the corrected scans. It was wonderful to support such a worthwhile organization!
Cathy Centra
Didlake Document Imaging was professional and courteous, provided excellent service at a very affordable price. I highly recommend them.
David Bland
From start to finish we were impressed by the professionalism, service, and high quality of work on our project to completely digitize our paper records. We highly recommend Didlake.
EL Admin
5 Star review!
Ryan Herrick
I've worked with Didlake twice and would happily work with them again. The entire Didlake team makes the process as smooth and easy as possible. I've shut down 2 offices over the last few years and Didlake was fantastic in picking up my files, scanning and disposing of them, and getting me a flashdrive of my documents. The files were labelled and orderly. I really couldn't ask for more and will use them again should ...
Brian Smith
"I needed to have a few old newspapers scanned that were too large to scan at home, so I discovered Didlake Imaging, and they did a wonderful job. Everyone I dealt with was just as nice as could be, and I especially like the fact that they are committed to hiring people with disabilities. I am a strong believer in supporting local businesses, and you couldn't find a better one than this to support. I ...
Christine Baker
"Excellent service! I live nearby so I dropped off my photos and the team was clear about timelines and pricing. It's great to have the photos accessible now to share with other family members."
Luisa Pearson
"Looking for great service and friendly people, Didlake is the place to go for any imaging service request. They completed our scan job fast and efficiently. They checked in along the way to make sure we were satisfied with the work being done. Amazing customer service and we will definitely return again."
Awura-Adzua Phillips
"We hired DDI to take on the mammoth task of digitizing some donor files. They were communicative from quote to completion, arrived on time for pick up and drop off, and communicated monthly around the scope of work being completed and showed samples. I have had a couple of occasions to find myself looking at digitized files and have found it straightforward to access the data. While I don't foresee any large scale digitization needs ...
Christina McNamee
"Highly recommend Didlake for digitizing, storage and shredding services; they were extremely easy to work with and highly responsive. Will use them again for future needs."
Kim Thompson
"Didlake is an all around fantastic company. I utilized their image scanning services for a personal project and they could not have been more accommodating and kind to me. From my interactions with the staff at the Manassas location I truly believe that Didlake is a company that cares about their customers, their employees, and their services. I was incredibly pleased with the quality of the photo scans and quick turnaround time. Their pricing for ...
"Very reliable and responsive. Helped with all my scanning needs. Would 100% work with them again. Great people and great mission!"
Cole BradshawGoodProjects
"Tremendous value for cost and high quality services. Would highly recommend to others."
"Didlake did an excellent job processing my digital records for River Creek OA. They were thorough, professional and an all around a pleasure to work with. Their quote was fair and accurate. They did not bait and switch like the prior company we tried to work with. A class act!"
Brittanie DavisRiver Creek HOA
"Very pleasant and personable. Explained everything to me and had answers to all of my questions. The team was very enjoyable and easy to work with to complete our task."