Construction, Manufacturing and Engineering Records Scanning

Paper construction, manufacturing, and engineering drawings scanned to digital files for better document workflow and management.

Construction, manufacturing, design and engineering records are some of the most difficult documents to maintain. Large format and oversized drawings are hard to share and access on a regular basis. Working with a professional document scanning and management partner can improve document workflows and organizational performance.

How Document Scanning Helps Construction Businesses

Most blueprints or architectural drawings require special technology and flatbed scanners to produce the digital versions of the files. Multiple revisions or versions of a file or drawing can make scanning projects even more complex.

If you handle multiple constructions, manufacturing or engineering projects with a significant amount of paperwork, document scanning and management service can help. Didlake Imaging can develop efficient document workflows by converting large format records such as blueprints, maps and drawings into digital files.

Changes can be easily added and shared from any device, anywhere.

Types of Building and Manufacturing Files We Scan

Document management services can help building, design and manufacturing-related businesses simplify their document retrieval and approval processes.

You can digitally transform just about any document you need, secure and easy to share, regardless of format. If you have aging files stored on microfilm or microfiche, document scanning can help. Other documents that can be digitized include:

  • Engineering drawings
  • Architectural renderings
  • Blueprint drawings
  • Circuitry diagrams
  • CAD Files
  • Topographic maps
  • Building plans or Drawings
  • Specifications Manuals and Spec Books
  • Change bulletins, Supplemental Instructions, or Change Orders
  • Supporting Documents
  • Permits and more

In addition to oversized drawings and plans, you can convert business documents that you regularly use into a searchable document management system, including archived historical scans of:

  • Business Records
  • Employee Records
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Records for OSHA Compliance
  • Equipment Safety Records
  • Employee Training Records

Benefits of Document Management for the Construction Industry

Document management and imaging in the construction industry can eliminate hassles related to large format files. Didlake Imaging makes the document conversion process painless while building a workflow that’s tailored to your needs. Here are just a few advantages of our scanning services.

Faster Approvals, Management and Bid Preparation

Digital documents, especially for large format files, can help you put a bid together faster than hard copies can. Scanned images can be integrated into a cloud-based storage system for contract, construction, or bid management. Properly integrated systems process documents seamlessly.

PDF document conversion with OCR (optical character recognition) software makes it easier for you to find the right files you need, right when you need them. Indexed documents used in construction projects are tracked from creation to completion for accurate change orders and billing.

Say goodbye to duplicate drawings, missed chances, and frustration by knowing your documents are always filed correctly.

Access Building Plans, Codes, and Permits When You Need Them Most

There is nothing more stressful than an unexpected or last-minute inspection. Digitized documents at your fingertips ensure all approved plans, codes and building permits are available in case questions arise.

Final inspections and walk-thru from building inspectors, fire marshals or the health department are executed efficiently and successfully with the help of Didlake Imaging. Our document scanning and management services simplify records for a smoother construction process. You can even have paper mail stored in a digital mailroom so you always have files when you need them.

Increased Blueprint Security

Some blueprints and models must be classified, but their large size makes them hard to conceal. Uploading scanned images into Cloud Storage can increase security and keep information secure. You can grant access to key team members as needed or use our redaction services to black out sensitive images for certain users.

Rest easy knowing that your database is archived and backed up on a daily basis. Original paper versions of files are now safe from natural disasters and destruction.

Manage Compliance and Safety Regulations Easily

Construction and manufacturing companies have to meet strict regulatory and safety requirements for all their documents. Not only do documents need to be current, but for each employee as well.

Digital conversions of documents eliminate work stoppages from improper paperwork by ensuring safety records, manuals and files are all in one place and indexed, so they’re easy to find instantly.

Get a Free Sample Scan of Your Construction Records

Large format scanning for construction, design, and manufacturing industries, gives you a way to better manage and organize your documents. Didlake Imaging’s document management and conversion services make updating and distributing large files a breeze.

No matter the size or how many you have, we help get your construction company organized by returning the highest quality, most secure, and efficient scans possible. Request a free sample scan of your oversized or mission-critical construction documents.