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PDF and document redaction quickly removes sensitive data from scanned documents with optical character recognition (OCR). Professional redaction services ensure personal and identifiable information within documents remain completely confidential.

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PDF and document redaction quickly removes sensitive data from scanned documents with optical character recognition (OCR).

What is Document Redaction?

Document redaction is the process of removing specific text and images from a document. Sometimes the process is called document sanitization.

Governments, businesses, and individuals use document redaction to blackout private information from electronic documents before they are released or published.

How We Sanitize Documents of Sensitive Information with OCR

At Didlake Imaging, we understand the industry regulations and privacy rules that guide your day-to-day document management programs. We sanitize documents of sensitive information with OCR technology using three steps in the redaction process.

In short, physical documents are:

  1. Scanned into a digital format
  2. Made editable and identifiable with OCR
  3. Reviewed and automatically redact private information

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Using Optical Character Recognition to Redact Documents

The first step in redaction is document scanning. The text is scanned at our secure facility and converted to a digital PDF file with OCR search capabilities. The software uses a tested rule set to flag sensitive information for review, identifying and removing patterns, private information, and other custom variables.

Strict Chain of Command and Internal Review

The second step is our internal review process. Our team of document experts hand reviews our software’s flagged fields on sample documents with you to ensure nothing is missed. After our sample consultation, our team is better able to approve and deny each redaction within your records, automating the process.

By following our strict chain of command, each redaction is permanently applied to a copy of the document, and the original is securely stored. Redacted and non-redacted files can be stored in secure Cloud Storage for instant access and full privacy controls.

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What Types of Confidential Information Should Be Redacted?

As record exposure risks increase, organizations must provide a secure and professional treatment of the private information they manage. Redaction is a critical tool that ensures confidential information from recently scanned documents is not shared or seen.

Think of document redaction as a digital eraser, scrubbing away private data that could have devastating consequences if exposed.

If your documents have private client information such as social security numbers, you can remove that information from PDFs. Other types of information that can be redacted includes:

  • Driver’s license numbers
  • Birth dates
  • Maiden names
  • Credit card numbers
  • Protected healthcare information
  • Defendant names

Selective Disclosure Rules by Industry

From the medical field to the legal industry, document redaction services ensure selective disclosure rules are maintained. Any company or organization that scans physical files to electronic records should always be redacted before distribution. Keeping client, patient, and public records containing personal and business information safe from cyber crimes and privacy concerns legally protect your operations.

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Finding a Secure Document Redaction Service Solution that Works for You

Some redaction providers and software appear to sell their services to protect you. That might not always be the case. Some services’ redaction blackouts can be easily reversed. With Didlake Imaging, that is not the case. Our redactions are irreversible without proper credentials.

Insecure document redaction services can be a costly mistake for companies handling sensitive information. To prevent long-term issues, use a reliable document management and redaction company like Didlake Imaging. Our services provide:

  • A secure and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant facility
  • Fully-screened employees
  • Video monitoring in scanning and handling areas
  • State of the art, industry-standard redaction software
  • Scanning of non-digitized files, as needed

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