Scanning physical files to make them digitalImproving Your Business through Digitizing

Exchanging information electronically is part of everyday life. Scanning physical records to produce digital files paves the way to digital transformation. Digital files combined with a good document management program are integral to a well-run organization.

Didlake Document Imaging can assist your business in its digital transition. Contact us so that we can work with you to find the solution that is right for your business.

Why Go Digital?


Positive Customer Service

Improved access to information ensures better client customer service and retention. Clients expect to do business with less paper. Engage with them in the way that they want, need, and expect.

Save Money

A reduction in printing and photocopying, as well as less postage and stationery, saves money.

Share Critical Information

Documents stored in boxes, file rooms, and off-site storage facilities are virtually impossible to share. It is faster and more cost-effective to share digital files among staff and with clients.

Access Data Instantly

Properly indexed digital files take seconds to retrieve. OCR turns scanned documents into searchable text. Search an entire library of files by individual keyword or browsing to find key information quickly. Quick access to information allows issues to be resolved faster benefiting the client and the business.

More Time for Work that Matters

Eliminate misfiled documents and time wasted sifting through volumes of paper to locate information. A quick search with keywords efficiently produces the needed information. Searchable, indexed information reduces time spent on day-to-day business tasks.

Enhance Security

Scanned physical records are securely stored and maintained for an indefinite period of time. Digital files can be password protected and encrypted. Scanning also minimizes the risk of loss or damage and ensures that multiple backups can be created. Confidential client information is kept secure.

Faster, Cheaper Audits

Digital files create the opportunity for the automatic creation of audit trails that identify who made changes to a file, what changes were made, and when they were made.

Capture All Necessary Data

Physical records provide an untapped reservoir of data. Scanning creates digital files that can be easily searched to provide data that can be used to inform faster decision-making.

Optimize Office Space

Gain control over file cabinets and storage boxes of physical records by scanning them to digital files and reclaim additional, costly workspace. Digital files can be stored in the cloud, hard drive, or flash drive.

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