Driving Positive Customer Experiences With Digital Transformation

Digital consumer having a positive customer experience with a digitally transformed business.

Digital transformation is changing the way companies adapt their business models and processing. The force driving this change is the new expectation customers have in today’s market.

The 21st-century customer expects to always be connected. No matter the time, location, or what they are doing, customers expect relevant information when they need it.

To maintain a competitive edge, businesses should invest in digital transformation technologies to drive positive customer experiences for the ever-connected consumer.

How Digital Transformation Improves Customer Experiences

Companies around the globe are embracing digital transformation, now more than ever. However, most companies are adopting tech to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.

The real magic of digital transformation happens when the technology is used to improve customer experiences. Companies can integrate technology into all areas of their business, fundamentally changing how the business operates and delivers value to its customers.

A few ways that Digital Transformation can help you understand your customer better include:

  • Reimagining their customer journey
  • Creating a safe and secure Information Governance Program that protects customer data
  • Personalizing and enhancing the overall service experience
  • Streamlining customer data into one unified view, increasing productivity

The rising use of cloud technology across businesses allows digital transformation to build better experiences that keep the customer front in center for nearly any process.

It Starts With The Customer

When your company offers customer-centric experiences better than what your competitors offer, your customer will know just how in tune your business is with them.

Digital transformation should always start with the customer. Companies must meet the rising demands of customers who want better experiences from their spending power.

Customers expect quick responses, cohesive information, and ultimately performance from your team. Digital transformation changes the way you interact with your customers and keep them highly engaged.

One thing is clear. The customer is in control. To better serve that customer, you’ll need to understand what the new digital customer wants and what motivates their behavior.

The Digitally Conscious Consumer

The new customer of the modern age is a digitally conscious consumer, who gets exactly what they want when they want it. Today’s consumers are connected to their digital devices and know how to use apps, automation, and machine learning, to streamline their daily routines.

Your customer will likely base their first experience working with your organization on their digital experience. Customers online and off are demanding organizations provide streamlined products and services.

Digital transformation technology keeps your business moving fast. Just the way your customer likes it.

Data Integration Means Personalization

Digital transformation gives companies the opportunity to understand buyer motivations, engage with customers, and deliver expectations within multiple channels of customer engagement.

Creating a competitive experience that is consistent across platforms and authentic to your brand can attract new customers and keep them coming back. Document management systems can ensure that your data remains unified whenever a customer’s information is pulled.

The modern buyer wants to be treated as the individual and they do not typically care if you use their data to better serve the consumer’s needs.

According to Accenture, 75% of consumers are more likely to buy from companies that:

  • Address them by their name
  • Know their purchase history
  • Recommends products, services, and content to them, based on past purchase behavior

Digital transformation means companies can use data integration for easy personalization of all aspects of their business and its communications. Remember, customers, are expecting this!

Positive Customer Experiences Bring Engaged Customers

Companies that use digital transformation to drive positive customer experiences keep their customers feeling important and engaged with their organization.

Some organizations can reap huge rewards from technology targeting engaged customers.

Research shows that companies who transform digitally with the customer at the forefront of their transition generate customers who are:

  • 6 times more likely to try new products and services
  • 4 times more likely to refer your organization
  • 2 times more likely to remain loyal to your brand, even if your competitor offers a better price point or product

Highly engaged customers are 90% more likely to make purchases more frequently and have 60% higher average order values, three times higher than the annual value of the average customer.

Using Data Collection For the Customer

Digital transformation puts data collection to work for your customers.

Real-time data can show how internal processes, people, and documents work behind the scenes. The efficiency and productivity data can enhance and create a better customer experience while cutting costs and reducing margins of error.

Remember, there are compliances, laws, and regulations that mandate you keep customers’ personally identifiable data private. Digital transformation keeps electronic documents secure and away from unwanted eyes.

Improving Experiences with Digitization

Digitization can be a huge wish for just about every organization that wants to improve its customer experience. But how do you start moving towards that goal?

A good place to start is to build off of the documents and capabilities you likely already have in place.

If you already have a document imaging program in place, extending business processes into a document data capture program with OCR technology can be a good place to start.

Once a good base towards digitization is established, the opportunities to extend into more core processes used to serve your customers can be built upon.

Want to learn more about leveraging digital transformation technology to build better rapport with your client base? Talk to our team to learn more about digitization and how we can help you adopt the technology within your organization.