Document Management Techniques to Help the Team with Downsizing


Whatever the reason for downsizing a business, the change usually involves reducing the team size. The remaining team must manage the transition and likely assume some new responsibilities. Rather than place the entire burden on the team, it is an excellent idea to seize the opportunity to digitize and automate some aspects of the business. Cloud-based solutions like DocuWare can create critical efficiencies that will optimize workflow.

What is Document Management?

According to the Association for Intelligent Information Management, Document management, often called Document Management Systems (DMS), uses a computer system and software to store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper-based information captured through a document scanner. Many businesses use a combination of electronic, paper-based, and other media (e.g., microfilm) to operate. A DMS allows these to all be collected into a single, searchable resource. In addition to the benefits of consolidation, transferring non-electronic information to a digital format reduces the need for space. It makes these records more easily accessible to a team needing the resource remotely or simultaneously. A DMS can help organize scanned copies of these records into a file structure the business selects. The scanned record is dropped into the appropriate file location, and a solution like DocuWare can even trigger an email to the relevant team members to alert them to the location of the digitized document.

How Does DMS Help With Project Management?

In any business, tasks can rarely be accomplished without the participation of multiple team members. To facilitate workflow, a DMS can function as electronic project management in several ways. For example, a project with a workflow handoff can be triggered through the DMS so that the next team member can seamlessly pick up the work. In addition, if multiple approvals are required for a particular project element, they can be automated through a DMS. When a busy team can use the DMS for aspects of project management, it eliminates the need for a designated individual to monitor the issue and cuts down on unnecessary communications.

DMS Integrations Facilitate Momentum

DMS is not a standalone solution; its integration with other solutions helps the remaining team. When digitizing massive amounts of records, it may only be feasible for some team members to be familiar with the file structure. DMS supports Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality, allowing for a keyword search. In the tech context, a DMS has seamless integrations with tech stacks, allowing the easy transfer and protection of projects in development through API keys. In addition, documents that are relevant to the tech stack can be assigned through a DMS and incorporated into these systems and processes.

A cloud-based DMS with appropriate security allows unlimited storage space and easy integration. This creates a safe environment for a downsizing transition that might include moving to a new space, supporting virtual work, and continuity in projects handled by team members who are no longer with the company. Contact us to learn more about how a DMS can be an integral part of a leaner business team.