5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Business Mail Operations

Mail piling up to be stored in a digital mailroomIf managing enormous amounts of important business mail during the pandemic challenges your company, outsourcing your mailroom operations may benefit your business. Opening, sorting, and processing hundreds of pieces of mail each day can be a time-consuming task for any size business. Limited access to your office and employees working remotely means there’s even less time to worry about paper correspondences.

Outsourcing your mailroom to an experienced document management and imaging company will significantly improve your business procedures and efficiency. A digital mailroom lets you focus more on your customers and less on mail that’s piling up.

Here are 5 major benefits to outsourcing your mailroom

#1: Escalated Efficiency

Outsourcing your mailroom operations can help increase your company’s efficiency and productivity.  An off-site mailroom scanning company can minimize the work force required to process mail. You’ll save time and money by eliminating manual opening and sorting of documents. Faster processing and improved accuracy from a professional team cuts overhead costs and provides a better overall experience for your customers. Not to mention, you’ll free up valuable office real estate by reducing your physical filing system.

#2: Instant Access

What if all your mail was delivered to your email? Converting your mailroom processes into a digital format means you can access your mail anywhere, at anytime. When your company processes thousands of pieces of mail, how long does it take for mail to reach its recipient? Mailroom automations let the right information reach the right people at the right time, giving you more visibility and control. Did we mention this is really helpful for companies participating in telework from remote locations?

#3: Improved Collaboration

Your digital mailroom lets you share valuable information openly and quickly, promoting cross-departmental collaboration. Digital mailboxes can be set up in the cloud to mimic your office filing system on the technology you use everyday. Now you can empower your team to instantly access the information needed to make data-driven decisions.

Paper mail scanned into a digital mailroom.

#4: Increased Security

If your company receives sensitive mail containing private information relating to billing, healthcare, and personally identifiable data, security is a top priority. When you outsource your mail, employees will not come into contact with mail directly. Some mail scanning services can store your mail in a secure cloud with limited access to key department managers. The right digital mailroom solution follows regulatory guidelines such as HIPAA and NARA, keeping sensitive information locked up tight.

#5: Minimized Stress

For most professionals, managing the mail isn’t a part of their workflow. When you have a professional document imaging company managing your mailroom, you don’t have the worry or stress of dealing with the mail process. You can have peace of mind knowing that automated processing is far less error-prone than manual entry.

Outsourcing your mailroom to an experienced document management company is something that’s well worth considering and can improve your business bottom line. A digital mailbox grants you the freedom to focus on growing and developing your business in a time where every decision matters.

At Didlake Document Imaging, we pride ourselves on superior service, offering custom mailroom solutions to the industries that power our nation. Our experience in document imaging outsourcing expedites your company’s mail delivery electronically. Contact us today for a free project assessment and stop worrying about your overflowing mailbox!